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·       Organising & Overseeing Trades

·       Product Sourcing

·       Mood Boards

·       Room Staging & Styling

​​I have moved 8 times in the last 15 years. From my family home in Cumbria to a tiny room in a shared house, a small flat and so on in London.

Our last 5 properties we have fully renovated, and our current home we have refurbished and added additional living space... twice! Each time with me as the project manager. Some people hate it - but I have to say I love the whole process.

Having done it so many times myself - if you would like me to manage any aspect of your move, building works or rental properties process then please let me know.

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Home Styling & Organising .png


  • Home Styling & Organising

  • Preparation for Marketing & Viewings

  • Whole Houses & Individual Rooms

For those that know me well - you know this is something I practice a lot in my own home! I am inspired by merging the modern and vintage; selecting and buying unique pieces and then settling them in place is really satisfying.

​Having had over 20 years of London commuting, early starts and long days - knowing where everything is, and things being in their place has saved me precious time to spend with my family.

I firmly believe that a well organised home that works for your needs can have a positive impact on your well-being.


  • Garden Design

  • Garden Mood Boards

  • Planting Schemes


​​I got my love of gardening from my grandparents, great aunt and parents. Growing your own fruit and veg and then turning it into delicious food was, and still is a way of life in rural Cumbria.

I studied for my RHS General Exam in Horticulture at Capel Manor College during the 4 years I worked in the Flowers & Plants department at Marks & Spencer. But it's the practical application that really makes you a gardener in my view. I love the constant change a garden presents, and the fact that there is endless opportunity to keep learning.

Feeling connected with your outdoor space is more important than ever; so it matters even more that our gardens are functional but also look great.

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Read what other people say about my services...

Notepad on Desk

We recently refurbished our home and built a single story rear extension. Anna was instrumental in helping us with some major decisions. Through her advice we built an extension that provided the function and aesthetic that we needed. 

She gave us invaluable insights as to how to use space and light to create harmony within the home. She gave us practical advice regards timelines and suppliers and provided encouragement at key points. We had the  option of full project management or intermittent advice. 

Anna was professional and knowledgeable and we learned a lot from her during the process. We would highly recommend her if you are looking for support with your project however large or small. 

Dr Georgie Cave 

Anna is a complete godsend! I don’t think there is anything that she can’t do or take care of.

We applied for planning permission at the start of lockdown and for various reasons things just weren’t working or moving forward; but along came Anna and pulled it all together for us! She is knowledgeable, has experience with renovations and is a great soundboard and brilliant source of advice on everything from building control, working with architects and structural engineers, to interior design and choosing kitchens.

She is personable, and has an incredible ability of knowing exactly what you need. Anna is highly skilled and professional, but every interaction also feels like talking to an old friend. Nothing is too much for her and she will go above and beyond the call of duty and exceed your expectations.

I can’t imagine anyone being better at the job that Anna and I recommend her without reservation.

Rumar Heer 

Initially, we employed Anna to help us organise our family home. We were so impressed with her ability to identify what needed to be done (and then do it!) that we’ve since used her for numerous other services - from cutting out the organisational stress as a post-lockdown Party Organiser to mopping up essential admin as a Personal Assistant to our growing business.

Anna has a rare knack of being able to completely own a problem and solve it, leaving us free to focus on other matters.

Anna brings clarity, efficiency and calm to everything she does. We would recommend her to anyone in need of trustworthy, transparent and friendly help with any aspect of business and life. 

She’s indispensable!

Mark & Joanna Hanks - Oncostrata Ltd

Anna has been an amazing help to us.  We are currently living abroad, and she has been on hand to project manage some work we have been having done at our house.

She has been with us on this project every step of the way and has been exceptionally flexible and accommodated me every time I’ve needed anything doing (day or night and even weekends)!

She is super organised and her experience dealing with the building trade has been invaluable.

We could absolutely have not completed this project without her help and support - I would highly recommend her.

Kirsty & Russ Thomas 

We called on Anna’s expertise when we were planning to change our garden from ‘kid’s play area’ to ‘adult party area’. She was so helpful, coming up with loads of ideas and recommendations. We loved the mood boards she put together and used lots of her ideas in our final design.

Anna is super organised, and has loads of experience in renovating houses and gardens that she can draw on.

She is highly recommended!

Kate & Darren Ashcroft 

After a kitchen extension and refurbishment, I was tired of making the big decisions (kitchen, floor, worktops, appliances, taps, lighting etc.) I needed inspiration on the decor to pull it all together and I asked Anna for her help.

Anna came and observed the space and how we used it. She picked out some colour schemes that I never would have thought of, and inspired me to wallpaper a rather large blank wall.

It has totally transformed the space and has definitely done the job of tying it all together. We love it!

 I would definitely recommend Anna.

Miriam Wilson 

My lovely friend Anna Potts is one of the most energetic, motivated and organised people I’ve ever met.

She has worked across multiple departments at M&S HQ for 22 years (where we first met many moons ago); but has finally decided to use her talent for project management and organising and turn it into her own business.

Her own projects at home are always beautiful and now she’s looking to help other people declutter and make space in their homes in order to help make space in their minds. I highly recommend, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed at the moment, and that you think Anna can help you at work or home.

I am very proud of you Anna for taking the plunge in these uncertain times.

Sally Furlong 

I cannot recommend Anna’s services enough; she provided fantastic options and ideas about how we could redecorate our property.

What I appreciated was that she really listened to my own ideas and style preferences and then put together a variety of visuals and links to products that suited.  She also made really constructive comments about room layouts which I hadn’t properly considered.

We used most of the ideas and colours suggested. A fabulous service.

Noelle O'Connor 

Anna is the most organised person I know with a truly beautiful house and garden. If you’re looking for organisation, creativity and flair in your home or business - look no further!

Danae Leaman 

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