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·       Organising & Overseeing Trades

·       Product Sourcing

·       Mood Boards

·       Room Staging & Styling

​​I have moved 8 times in the last 15 years. From my family home in Cumbria to a tiny room in a shared house, a small flat and so on in London.

Our last 5 properties we have fully renovated, and our current home we have refurbished and added additional living space... twice! Each time with me as the project manager. Some people hate it - but I have to say I love the whole process.

Having done it so many times myself - if you would like me to manage any aspect of your move, building works or rental properties process then please let me know.

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Home Styling & Organising .png


  • Home Styling & Organising

  • Preparation for Marketing & Viewings

  • Whole Houses & Individual Rooms

For those that know me well - you know this is something I practice a lot in my own home! I am inspired by merging the modern and vintage; selecting and buying unique pieces and then settling them in place is really satisfying.

​Having had over 20 years of London commuting, early starts and long days - knowing where everything is, and things being in their place has saved me precious time to spend with my family.

I firmly believe that a well organised home that works for your needs can have a positive impact on your well-being.


  • Garden Design

  • Garden Mood Boards

  • Planting Schemes

​​I got my love of gardening from my grandparents, great aunt and parents. Growing your own fruit and veg and then turning it into delicious food was, and still is a way of life in rural Cumbria.

I studied for my RHS General Exam in Horticulture at Capel Manor College during the 4 years I worked in the Flowers & Plants department at Marks & Spencer. But it's the practical application that really makes you a gardener in my view. I love the constant change a garden presents, and the fact that there is endless opportunity to keep learning.

Feeling connected with your outdoor space is more important than ever; so it matters even more that our gardens are functional but also look great.

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