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We recently refurbished our home and built a single story rear extension. Anna was instrumental in helping us with some major decisions. Through her advice we built an extension that provided the function and aesthetic that we needed. 

She gave us invaluable insights as to how to use space and light to create harmony within the home. She gave us practical advice regards timelines and suppliers and provided encouragement at key points. We had the  option of full project management or intermittent advice. 

Anna was professional and knowledgeable and we learned a lot from her during the process. We would highly recommend her if you are looking for support with your project however large or small. 

Dr Georgie Cave 

Anna is a people person. It oozes from every pore. She is the glue that warmly brings likeminded people together. She demonstrates future insight into your business and life, is a brilliant listener, tenacious in her approach and a timely finisher. Her vast experience enables her to deliver results quickly and professionally to a standard, way above excellent.
Anna was a guiding force when I found myself in a new location and wanted to connect and drive my business forward. Remember everything starts with a single conversation.

I fully endorse and recommend Anna and her services - you won’t be disappointed.

Fiona Flaherty - Meducate Healthcare 

Anna has been helping with supplementary work for one of my clients for close to a year. Her speedy turnaround and designing of Jotforms has been incredibly helpful and appreciated, by me and MY client!

Anna picked up the new software quickly and has been a brilliant resource to allow me to deliver quality work to my clients.

Thanks Anna, I look forward to working with you again!

Tracey Rissik - The Simple Web Company

I asked for Anna's assistance at the very start of my journey to become a boutique consultancy. I thought the main things I needed support with were basic tasks such as checking my calendar, checking my emails and generally keeping me organised.

What I quickly discovered is that Anna can deliver all of that, but she also has a lot lot more to offer my company.  As our relationship grew and we started to have a more open dialogue about my business, I realised I had a lot of the capacity and capability in the team already.

Anna has allowed me the time back to focus on the core of what I need to do and this has resulted in nearly double the revenue in the last 2 quarters. 

Above and beyond that Anna has provided support and guided me to do things that I would have never been able to prioritise. Things such as build a website, start a podcast, become a Fellow at the Institute of Leadership and Management, find time every day to exercise and make sure I don't miss the kids bedtimes.

I can therefore, highly recommend Anna.

Robert Anderson - BKO Consulting 

I would highly recommend the services of Apples & Pears. Anna has played a pivotal part in elevating the business of Logic Construction, and her continuous hard work and support ensures that we are able to maintain that standard.
Introducing new systems into the business has enabled us to provide the next level in customer service. In efficiently taking on many administration roles that were becoming a challenge to stay on top of, Anna has provided me with the ability to focus and grow the business in other areas.
Anna is always on hand to help, regardless of the task. Her remote working style means I continue to get the support required, without the financial burden of a permanent employee. I believe Anna’s rates and time keeping are market competitive.
Personally, I don’t know what I’d do without Anna now.

Simon Tickner - Logic Construction 

I started working with Anna last year when I finally cracked and realised I needed some back-up. From the moment we first spoke I had a strong feeling she was the right person for the job and she has been brilliant from the start.

She works flexibly and 100% reliably on many aspects of supporting my professional life, including: updating my website and diary, booking podcast guests, setting up new systems and ways of working. She has a knack of knowing exactly what tone and approach is appropriate for each person she deals with - from the very famous to the very finickity, and everyone in between!

She is kind, efficient and an all round delight to have in my life. (My only hesitation in recommending her is that I don't want her to run out of time to help me!).

In short, Anna is a hero.

Cally Beaton - Comedian, Speaker, Podcaster & Business Mentor 

Anna is a complete godsend! I don’t think there is anything that she can’t do or take care of.

We applied for planning permission at the start of lockdown and for various reasons things just weren’t working or moving forward; but along came Anna and pulled it all together for us! She is knowledgeable, has experience with renovations and is a great soundboard and brilliant source of advice on everything from building control, working with architects and structural engineers, to interior design and choosing kitchens.

She is personable, and has an incredible ability of knowing exactly what you need. Anna is highly skilled and professional, but every interaction also feels like talking to an old friend. Nothing is too much for her and she will go above and beyond the call of duty and exceed your expectations.

I can’t imagine anyone being better at the job that Anna and I recommend her without reservation.

Rumar Heer 

I met Anna at a local networking group. Following that meeting Anna was the first person to reach out, I was invited to her home where we chatted about my journey and my business.  

I explained to Anna that only recently as an adult I was diagnosed with ADHD – and some of the challenges that brings. We spoke openly about what my aims and aspirations where; Anna listened and one of her suggestions to me was to ask clients for video testimonials post a personal training session to help spread the word about my services. I loved this idea and now have 10 of these - they have helped catapult my social media marketing with a hugely positive effect.

Since that conversation I really feel like Anna has championed me and my business. This manifests with personal recommendations and referrals - as a result my client base is growing from strength to strength. I mentioned that I would like to be connected with people that would help me to promote  my ADHD story with others – again Anna came up with a solution, connecting me with an Autism charity director.

Unbelievable service - honestly I have never known anyone so focused and driven on getting their clients results. I can personally recommend Anna's business services as she has helped transform mine!

Liam Tuohy - 2Tuff Health & Fitness 

Anna at Apples & Pears is amazing at what she does; she really cares about doing a good job and would do anything for her clients.

As a business owner its difficult finding the time to do your administration, but having someone like Anna by your side really takes the stress away. I would highly recommend Anna to other business owners. 

Bradley Jones - Imperium Group Electrical Services 

Initially, we employed Anna to help us organise our family home. We were so impressed with her ability to identify what needed to be done (and then do it!) that we’ve since used her for numerous other services - from cutting out the organisational stress as a post-lockdown Party Organiser to mopping up essential admin as a Personal Assistant to our growing business.

Anna has a rare knack of being able to completely own a problem and solve it, leaving us free to focus on other matters.

Anna brings clarity, efficiency and calm to everything she does. We would recommend her to anyone in need of trustworthy, transparent and friendly help with any aspect of business and life. 

She’s indispensable!

Mark & Joanna Hanks - Oncostrata Ltd

Having heard good feedback about Apples & Pears I decided to ask for some assistance.

My accountant had been chasing me for some financial information to prepare my self-assessment tax return. At a meeting with Anna, I handed her a full bag of receipts that I had accumulated and briefly explained what was required.

Within a couple of days, Anna presented back to me 3 pages of Excel that contained a clear and precise summary of my business expenses. This saved me so much time and headache; and at a cost I regard as very reasonable.

I will be utilising Anna’s services again in the future and would recommend her to anyone that needs regular or one-off business support.

Stephen Silver - Silver Insolvency Solutions 

I've used Anna's services several times and always found her so organised and efficient.

She has a lovely friendly attitude, and is always willing to help with any tasks - whether big or small.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs support in their business.

Sarnjit Ghatora - Dylan Finance 

Anna has been an amazing help to us.  We are currently living abroad, and she has been on hand to project manage some work we have been having done at our house.

She has been with us on this project every step of the way and has been exceptionally flexible and accommodated me every time I’ve needed anything doing (day or night and even weekends)!

She is super organised and her experience dealing with the building trade has been invaluable.

We could absolutely have not completed this project without her help and support - I would highly recommend her.

Kirsty & Russ Thomas 

We called on Anna’s expertise when we were planning to change our garden from ‘kid’s play area’ to ‘adult party area’. She was so helpful, coming up with loads of ideas and recommendations. We loved the mood boards she put together and used lots of her ideas in our final design.

Anna is super organised, and has loads of experience in renovating houses and gardens that she can draw on.

She is highly recommended!

Kate & Darren Ashcroft 

After a kitchen extension and refurbishment, I was tired of making the big decisions (kitchen, floor, worktops, appliances, taps, lighting etc.) I needed inspiration on the decor to pull it all together and I asked Anna for her help.

Anna came and observed the space and how we used it. She picked out some colour schemes that I never would have thought of, and inspired me to wallpaper a rather large blank wall.

It has totally transformed the space and has definitely done the job of tying it all together. We love it!

 I would definitely recommend Anna.

Miriam Wilson 

My lovely friend Anna Potts is one of the most energetic, motivated and organised people I’ve ever met.

She has worked across multiple departments at M&S HQ for 22 years (where we first met many moons ago); but has finally decided to use her talent for project management and organising and turn it into her own business.

Her own projects at home are always beautiful and now she’s looking to help other people declutter and make space in their homes in order to help make space in their minds. I highly recommend, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed at the moment, and that you think Anna can help you at work or home.

I am very proud of you Anna for taking the plunge in these uncertain times.

Sally Furlong 

I cannot recommend Anna’s services enough; she provided fantastic options and ideas about how we could redecorate our property.

What I appreciated was that she really listened to my own ideas and style preferences and then put together a variety of visuals and links to products that suited.  She also made really constructive comments about room layouts which I hadn’t properly considered.

We used most of the ideas and colours suggested. A fabulous service.

Noelle O'Connor 

Anna is the most organised person I know with a truly beautiful house and garden. If you’re looking for organisation, creativity and flair in your home or business - look no further!

Danae Leaman 

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